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The experience was great and I really have everything good to say. Scott was wonderful and spent so much time to get it done perfect (including helping install my backyard lights!!). Cant really think of anything better -- have been referring ya'll to a bunch of my friends so hope to see the company grow!!

- From N.P. Carmel Valley, San Diego - 3.71 kW system
I just received my annual true-up statement from SDG&E and thought that I would share it with you.
This is exciting! You estimated that my annual cost with NEM2 would be about $120, and it was actually $118.28. It looks like I received a payment (credit) of $115.85 for the excess electricity generated by our solar system. It's disappointing that the $400.59 in remaining credits is not paid out under NEM2, however, I am happy that I am doing the right thing for the environment.

Attached is a copy of my bill with actual data that you can compare with your initial projected estimates of our usage.
Thank you all for your professionalism with this business transaction. We are satisfied customers.